Computing Multimedia presentation work 2019

Reception have made a lovely video about their school!
Year 1
We searched for animal images on the internet. We made sure the animals had Paws, claws and whiskers!. After we found the images in 'Pixabay' we then saved them to 'photos' on our I-pads. Then we uploaded the images to 'Pic Collage' and arranged the images creatively. After that we added a little animation to the collage. We hope you like our animal collages!
Year 2
Year 2 researched facts about spiders on the internet. They also looked for spider images and uploaded them to 'photos' on I-pads. After that Year 2 explored the presentation app of 'Explain Everything'. They presented interesting facts and images about spiders. We hope you enjoy finding out interesting tit bits about these arachnids!
Year 3
Year 3 have researched some wonderful facts about volcanoes on the internet in the computer suite. There is nothing they do not know about volcanoes. The children can add new slides, add text, change the font, size and colour. They can add images to the slides and can change the slide backgrounds. Please take a look at our fabulous work. If you look closely you may notice that we might have added slide transitions!
Year 4
Year 4 have been busy finding out a range of facts about the Romans, Roman way of life and the Roman army. They have researched facts on the internet. After that they made an avatar of themselves in the app 'Tallegami'. They wrote some interesting adverts to persuade citizens to join the army and recorded their voice reading a short snippet for an advert! Have you been persuaded to join the Roman army now?
Year 5
Year 5 have researched information about 'Space' in an extremely enthusiastic way. They know lots about the planets and the phases of the moon but have also worked on an interactive guide to planets. Whilst working within the app 'Chatterpix', the children have written a script and then recorded their voice reading many varied and interesting facts. They then animated each planet to make it look as though it was speaking! Take a look at our work...
Year 6
Have researched information about WWII. They have made Powerpoint presentation detailing information. They have made a script about 'The Battle of Britain' using the app 'I prompt'. They have even used video and pictures to create a multimedia presentation about the Battle of Britain using a green screen in the 'Doink' app. Take a look if you're brave enough.