Dame Allan's Science Masterclass Y6

24th October 2018

Before starting our experiment, we learned that the most important piece of equipment in the lab is your brain- always use common sense!

We also learned that not all clear liquid is what it seems. A bottle labelled water was sitting in the lab. This was not water and was in fact a chemical that changed colour when poured in to another beaker with another substance inside it.

The experiment we had to carry out was to decide on what brand of nappy worked best at holding liquid.

First, we had to cut open a nappy and find a white powdery substance that was believed to be the main thing that held the liquid in the nappy. After that, we tipped the powder in to a beaker ready to test. We were all surprised at what happened next - the chemical absorbed the water and grew! This chemical has the ability to absorb huge amounts of water and is actually sold as ‘magic snow’.

After we had a play with the ‘snow’; we were then given three different brands of nappies. Two were well-known named brands and one was a shop’s own brand. We had to put them inside a tray and pour water in and time it too. We made sure that we used the same amount of water for each nappy and set the same amount of time to ensure that it was a fair test. If there was any water left, we had to pour it in to a measuring cylinder and record the results.

Our results showed that all of the nappies absorbed all of the water and they all seemed to work as well as each other.

If we were to do it again, we might think about adding a bit more water to see if this would change the results in any way.

As a little treat, we had a go at burning some chemicals on the bunsen burner. These chemicals are used in fireworks to give all of the wonderful colours.